Miss Nicky Needs a Friend that will chat with her, 500k Monthly

There are lots of sugar mommies online who are ready to pay you huge money on a monthly basic, as long as you’re their specs, and you are capable of satisfying them physically.

From our Sugar mummy Whatsapp group, I got a message from Miss Nicky, who said she is ready to pay any guy, 500K monthly, if the guy is her specs and can satisfy her anytime.

Here’s the message we received.

Hi there, Am Miss Nicky, a mother of one who recently lost her husband. Life has not being easy with me, staying without a man at night, married women knows what I mean.

However, am just not that desperate, but as a woman, I just want to be plain here. Help hook me up with a physically strong and muscular guy who can satisfy me well. Money is not a problem with me, because I am very rich.

Qualities am looking for;

1: Young man, I am looking for a young man who is very good in bed and can satisfy me anytime and any day, without complaints, and enjoys it too.

2. Due to the nature of my job I am mostly free on weekends. Although I can just pop in during the day when am chanced. This means, the guy should be available at quick notice.

3. You must be mobile and can travel. I will foot his bill and pay for his flight when it’s urgent. I usually conduct business outside the country.

I will pay him a monthly salary of 500,000 depending on his performance.

4. The guy must be a good kisser and very romantic.

5. He is free to travel with me outside the country anytime my company sent me on an international business summit, trip or deals. Which usually occurs once or twice a month.

Please my information should be well protected and the guy must be real and ready. Don’t share my phone number. Any guy interested should simply drop his phone number, complexion, height, location and hobbies. Aside from the physical side, I also want a friend that is free with me.

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