Do You Need Direct Visa to Stay and Work in America? Marry This Sugar Mummy FREE

A beautiful Woman sent me a very straightforward message today, and am impressed by her honesty. This lady is only 29 years old and is currently searching for a Husband, from any part of the world. The good news is, she’s a citizen of the United States of America, and by law, any Man she marries, automatically gets the green card as a citizen of the state too.

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Meet Elizabeth Timon, who is searching for a young man from any part of the world for a serious relationship that may lead to marriage.

This USA Sugar Mummy name is Melissa from California. I was divorced by my husband because I demanded more s3x than he can give.

When discussing this issue with a very good friend of mine, who I always share the most secret with, she advised me to reach out to dating platform, and contact this sugar mummy website to help me get a strong man who can satisfy me.

Please take note that I am currently working with a tech mobile company in New Mexico, Located in California, USA.

visa to stay and work in America

Is Any Guy Interested in Dating Me?

Any guy who is ready to date me should know that I like straightforward guys, those who are trustworthy, friendly and faithful.

If you are interested, just know that I am ready to arrange your VISA and bring you to the USA to stay and work with me. Money is my problem because am been paid Hundreds of thousands of Dollars annually, with other big allowances per month. The only thing I seriously lack and need from any guy interested is love. If you like me and wants to live in the USA, do this.

1. Share a brief description of yourself,
2. Drop your contacts so I can reach out to you, when dropping your contacts through the comment box, take note that you must add your country code in the front, so I can easily reach out to you.
3. Do also share your hobbies, what you like doing, etc.

Waiting to meet the guy of my dreams here!

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