Facebook Sugar Momma Seeking For A Strong Guy For Dating | $3500/Month

So by what exactly, Do I mean, when I say Facebook sugar Momma? A facebook sugar momma is a mature lady, who reach out to us, and would love to date guys via facebook messenger. Today, a Beautiful Lady named Emily messaged us via our official facebook page, looking for a strong guy to date.

Normally, when we are contacted by prospective sugar Momma’s, we ask them what fee they are ready to pay their sugar sons, and Emily disclosed $3,500 dollar per month, to any guy she chooses.

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So, are you ready to start dating this beautiful and hot looking Sugar Momma on Facebook? Continue reading.

Facebook Sugar Momma

There are lot of Real Sugar mummies on Facebook, and we have shared more than 300 of them here. However, after getting them their Sugar sons, we tend to delete the post, since there is actually no need to contact them again.

Through this medium, I would love to show you, how to meet real good and wealthy sugar mummies from Facebook, this is yet another mature lady that wants to hook up urgently. Her name is Emily and she is a citizen of Ghana. Like I disclosed, she contacted us to share her request on our popular platform and get her a Sugar son that can take good care of her physically, she is ready to pay him $3,500 monthly.

Hello dearies,

My name is Emily, and you can add me on Facebook, I am a thick lady from Accra, Ghana who based South Africa, in the city of Johannesburg to be precise. Am 33 years old and not ready for marriage. All I want, is to date younger guys from 18 – 25 years old, who I can spoil and is ready for major fun with me.

I am seeking a serious guy, who is capable of giving me pleasure, of which, I will pay him for his services monthly. I am a Rich and generous Lady, that runs various boutiques across West Africa, Including Nigeria, Sokoto, so you know that I have what it takes to take care of any guy that I choose to be with.

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So are you between the age of 18 – 25 years old?
Are you interested in Emily?

Remember that she is majorly active on Facebook, which means that you must also be active on Facebook. So it could be easier for you to add her and start chatting with her immediately she accepts your friend request.

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