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Give me the pleasure of introducing Mrs Jennifer, a 54 year old woman currently living in Winter Haven, Florida, USA. Mrs Jennifer is ONLY interested in meeting men who would love to be with her.

Here is her response to this question we always ASKED our Sugar Momma’s.

Jennifer started by saying this;

 I’m very happy. Even after finally meeting “him” through this portal, I also wish to remain happy because I truly believe that positive people are those I prefer to be around. I want a guy who is always positive and optimistic.

The truth is that I work. I have been paying my bills. Have a job I’ve enjoyed for the last 19 years. I have two grown kids who are amazing individuals.
I like football. Am also interested, highly interested in Yoga and meditation, which I use for relaxation. I love reading Novels and watching movies. Grew up playing the piano and I enjoy many types of music.
I’m a Scorpio. So I guess this gives you a lot of information about myself.
Trying to hit 55 with my company so that I can “retire” and move along…maybe to NC or back to PA…who knows what the future holds!

If you are interested in dating this beautiful sugar Momma, then reach her below via the comment section.

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