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Are you searching for sugar mummy in South Africa? Then meet Sandra, a 38 years old Lady. Sandra is currently searching for a sugar boy in any part of Africa, especially from western Africa countries. She is in need of toyboys from countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and her home country, South Africa.

Her is a message we received from Sandra

Hi admin, my name is Sandra from South Africa, I am in serious need of a guy who will always be there for me, whenever I need him and call him, he will always show up.

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I need a guy who is ready to be available in short notice, and who is free whenever I call. Money is not a problem. Then call me if you are very strong in be d and I will enrich your pockets.

Here’s what Sandra Needs.

Before sharing what her needs in a sugarboy, Sandra disclosed that Distance is not a problem. If you are from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, etc, then you must be ready to travel to South Africa and meet her up. But you guys must have connected through WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

1.. She needs a guy who is strong enough for her,

2. She needs a guy who does not have body odour, mouth odor, it’s a major turn off for her.

3. She needs a Man who is capable of handling her as long as she wants.

4. She says she wants a handsome young one too.

5. For you to be connected with Mrs Sandra from South Africa, then you must do the following.

  • Share your hobbies
  • Share a brief description of yourself, including complexion, height, and age.

Finally, if you are selected, she will contact you via the phone number/email you dropped in the comment box below. Always know that your email/phone numbers are protected.

Mrs. Sandra will be the only one that can contact you. Use the comment box below to share the information required, so you will be connected with this sugar mummy.

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