Single Ladies Whatsapp Numbers for Friendship

Are you searching for Single females on Whatsapp? Do you want their Whatsapp phone numbers for friendship? Then you’ve entered the right room.

Here, I will be sharing with you, the list of Single ladies on Whatsapp, their phone numbers and group chat link! Are you ready to meet beautiful single girls on Whatsapp?

Then continue reading.

As a guy, it’s hard talking to females everyday, but chatting with them through Whatsapp is a little bit easy. What you don’t know, is that these girls are eager to talk to you too. But girls normally can’t take rejection as guys.

I have been connecting girls with guys, and vice versa, and I’ve come to discover that girls are also interested in making friends. Which is why they usually drop their phone numbers here, asking us to connect them with guys who are ready to be their friends.


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All the female Whatsapp numbers dropped here, are single, un-engaged and are interested in friendship with guys from any part of the world.

The good thing about this website, is that our connection is 100% free. We don’t charge you any agent fees or anything. All we want, is to see people getting connected and love in the air.

The truth is that lot of guys are tired of searching for girls in the wrong places. So why not get connected with girls living in different part of the world? Here’s a list of single girls Whatsapp numbers, who are ready for friendship!

Due to too many numerous requests, I will be creating a Whatsapp group Solely for GIRLS and GUYS looking for friendship. You can be the first to join by subscribing to us NOW.

In this group, of course joining it is 100% free and there is no charges. You will have connection and chat with girls from different countries.

Single ladies whatsapp numbers

Before you join, always remember to chat nicely with them. Be a gentleman and talk with respect.

Everyone wants a friend but in order to preserve that friendship, sincerity, respect and understanding is needed.

Single ladies Whatsapp numbers

Name: Susan
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Age: 26
Number: 0638639643

Name: Sofia
Location: Manchester, England
Age: 24
Number: (+44) 07889078938

Name: Anna
Location: Dubai
Age: 23
Number: +971556371527

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