Hot Sugar Mummy in Arizona, USA Wants to Date Guys From Africa Country

A divorcee woman, Rebecca, who is 35 years old, and a mother of one, and is searching for a young man from any Africa country, for a serious relationship. Here is how to contact her. Truly, she is a hot sugar mummy from America and very rich too.

Through our instagram platform, I received a message from a beautiful Lady, who disclosed that she is tired of dating men from her country, and wants to actually date Men from Africa, provided they speak and understand English.

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Mrs Rebecca, is mother to Aradiat, a 5 year old girl, and works with Microsoft. She has her own apartment and 2017 Range rover. She recently broke up with her husband of 6 years, few months ago.

She said that when in high school, she date a student from Kenya, who was an exchange student, and the guy is the love of her life. However, when he was through with his school, and unable to get a green card, he was sent back to his home country.

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Mrs Rebecca said that her relationship with Kasamouh has made her love black Men, and after her failed marriage, wants to date a colored man now.

sugar mummy in Arizona

Mrs Rebecca, is based in Arizona and searching for a Sugar Son

So, if you are from any English speaking Africa country, then you can apply here.
So if you are searching and looking for a rich Sugar Mummy in USA (United States of America), you’re in luck today.

Take note that Rebecca is a sugar mummy in Arizona, USA. She disclosed that if she likes anyone she picked, she will come to his country and marry him, automatic green card and arrange visa for him to get to the USA.

How to get Sugar mummy in Arizona Online

Be fully aware that Mrs Rebecca is very rich and can take care of anyone she picks from this website.
Do you think you are qualified to date her? If yes, then indicate your interested by following the instructions shared below;

(1) You are required to share this post on either Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram, using the share buttons below.

(2) To show you are interested, please indicate in the comment box below. To ensure you are picked by Mrs Rebecca, here’s what you need to share in the comment section.

a. Your hobbies
b. Your Height.
c. Your complexion.
d. Also share your contact information, skyper username, whatsapp and phone numbers, or your email ID.

If she likes your description, then she will surely contact you. Be aware that is a complete and real sugar mummy connection website, and we don’t charge any agent fee.

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