Sugar Mummy In London, England, UK Available Here and their Phone Numbers

This page is for all those, who are very much interested in dating Sugar Mummies. These Ladies resides in London, England, and the United Kingdom.

Sugar mummy in London, England, UK: Today, I received a message from a 32-year sugar mummy in London, England, UK. According to the email from this wealthy sugar mummy, she needs a guy for an extended-term dating.

Take note that this beautiful Lady is very young, and lives in London, England. Anabel is divorced and has a child from her previous marriage. She wants to find true love, as Money is not her problem. Her ex is a Multi-Millionaire who pays her thousands of dollars weekly.

Sugar Mummy In London

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Anabel decided to share with us, a glimpse of herself and the type of guy she is interested in. Customarily, we decided to ask her a few questions about herself, and the type of guys she needs.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m 5’6″ with a happy and ever smiling persona. I really like R&B and old style soul, jazz Music. I enjoy long walks along the seashore or going to the cinema and watching soulful Movies. I also love going out for meals but like cozy nights a lot.

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I need a guy who loves to laugh and can make me laugh too. I need someone who doesn’t take life too seriously. I don’t like Meaningless one-night stands, which I believes won’t lead me anywhere. I respect myself too much, to engage in things like this. All am asking for, is a guy who is capable of showing me he truly loves and respects me.

What Type of Guy Do you Need?

I’ve described myself above, and now, here is the type of guy I totally love. I need someone honest, someone, who is trustworthy. I need a guy with humor and who likes spending weekends away and won’t mind spending a quiet night with me. I simply don’t like dating time wasters or guys who are not interested in Long term relationship. I’m prepared to spend my time with a true individual.

Your Turn

Do you like this Woman? Do you think you fit the description of her dream guy? Take note that this sugar mummy lives in London, England.

If you’re interested in her, then simply drop your contact details below, in the comment section.


To get this sugar mummy phone number, you need to be among the very first to comment and drop his details. Because this lady here is interested in dating just one guy. His country does not matter, because she can pay for his air flight ticket, so they can start a life together as a couple.

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