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She described herself below

Hi i’m flower girl, 33 years of age, and i’m intelligent, smart, funny and loyal Lady. I got married to an Old congress Man here in Spain, and am just a trophy wife. I divorced him three months ago, and the money that comes with the divorce is amazing. AM currently searching for a guy who is prepared to love me for who I am.

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Speaking on the things she loved, she says she loves watching movie, hang out with friends, do yoga in a good shape and try different things especially in bed room. She always feel happiness doing the simple things and not totally into materialistic things. I like to meet a man who’s loving that can give my needs as a woman, And s3x is my major needs in this relationship. I believe that every successful relationship is that the man should be able to see me as a friend and lover at the same time, ready to discuss with Me and also takes me as his lover.

I promise to spoil my man with petting, cars and the good things Money has to offer. I strongly believed that communication as far as I am concerned, is very essential in any relationship. The perfect first date for me would be a quiet intimate dinner somewhere romantic, where we can spend the evening getting to know each other by conversation that just seem to endlessly flow.

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