How to Find Sugar Mummy in Nigeria in September 2023

Where Can I find sugar mummy in Nigeria? This is one question Young and strong Nigerians are asking on this blog, and I decided to address this issue today. Just in case we don’t know, sugar mummies are actually sweet and sugary with no bite of single bitterness at all.

Sugar mummies are free classified, able-to-do and valuable women who are looking for men, especially the young ones, to love them up when their services are needed, which is so almost frequent.

Sugar Mummy’s relationship is a mutual relationship between the persons involved. This relationship is comparable to that of the oxpecker and the zebra. Here is why I decided to use this example.

In the animal kingdom, the chewing gum bobo screw the sugar mummy (when needed, which is almost every day), he enjoys himself and most times gets paid heavily with physical material.

What a good hobby to do, you just offer your strength in the other room, and you get paid. Since it is two-sided, the sugar mummy enjoys her money the most when she screams in enjoyment.

wealthy sugar mummy in Nigeria

The truth is that in the Sugar Mummy relationship, which is a mutual agreement between both parties, the two parties actually enjoy what they are doing, notwithstanding the implications. Because of these benefits, this kind of relationship becomes hard to find, especially for Young Men.

However, due to the hardship experienced by young and capable Men, finding sugar mummy in Nigeria becomes harder. But thanks to platforms like, where we have contacts from literally, hundreds of Sugar mummies in Nigeria, their contacts, phone numbers, and WhatsApp numbers.

The truth is that getting authentic sugar mummies in Nigeria WhatsApp numbers, phone numbers and contact details are scarce these days, especially because many handsome bobos don de tear their eyes scatter for Naija!

These young men are now dragging these rich and wealthy women, and the one who already has a Sugar mummy will even be dragging to service over 20 sugar mummies to make more money, taking it as if it’s their private business.

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So, the question that remains to be answered is this; How can you find a good sugar mummy in Nigeria in times like this? Follow the guides below. Thank me if you are successful and don’t forget to share your testimonies with us.

How to Find Sugar Mummy in Nigeria.

#1. Package Yourself Right

This is just like going for a job interview, everything is based on packaging and presentation. But before talking about presentation, let us talk about Packaging.

Here is how to package yourself to get a sugar mama in Naija.

  • You have to get an attractive haircut, get a great haircut, and correct masculine wear to show off what you have.

#2. Learn How to Spot Them

This is very important, as, this is one of the most important of all tips. Even if you know how to pack well, you must know and learn how to spot sugar mummy at first sight.

One of the most outstanding and striking features in them is that they refuse to look old, even when they are in their late 50s. They wear clothes like their children, with tantalizing make-up and a great hairdo.

Hey! Look at the way they move – just like fashion cat-working. Yes! She’s the one. Now you know them, get them talking and introduce yourself as a friend.

#3. Try to Offer Help

This is where you start making them notice you and get into their good boy. Here, you get them to notice you by offering to help them. Be sharp enough and look around, then quickly discover how you can approach her.

If she’s one of them, you are in luck because the game will change hands after a few moves and a few chats on WhatsApp.

#4. Where Can I Find Sugar Mummy?

This is the final, but not the last one. If you really want to know where to find a sugar mama in Nigeria, then here are the best places to go looking for them.

You can find them everywhere – malls, bus stops, markets, cyber cafes, Wedding occasions, etc. The lists of places where you can find a sugar momma in Nigeria are endless and it’s left for you to be smart and know the right location.

When you get to know one, know how to negotiate your price.

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