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So, do you want to join the sugar mummy WhatsApp group and chat with countless Sugar Mommies for free? There are lots of pecks that comes with joining the sugar mummy WhatsApp group. The pecks includes free connections, free picks of these sugar Ladies, you can select these sugar mummies based on their locations, etc.

Hi there, there are quite a lot of people who have asked us to create a WhatsApp group for this sugar mummy website, where you can meet and chat with sugar mummies directly. Finally, we have listened and created a WhatsApp group chat for Sugar Mummy/Sugar Daddy dating ONLY.

You should know this, and that is, is specifically created to meet all your needs, and we also listen to you. This WhatsApp group automatically makes it easier for you to reach out to all sugar mummy looking for men to date.

There is, however, criteria’s you must meet. before joining this WhatsApp group, you must meet the requirements before you join this WhatsApp chat group.

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sugar mummy whatsapp group

How To Join Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Group

1. The Terms of Service of this website, clearly disclosed that this website is for those who matured. Before you join this WhatsApp group, please take note that you need to have a Whatsapp App installed on your smartphone.

  • Click Here to download Whatsapp on your Android smartphone.
  • Click Here to download Whatsapp From official Apple Store.

However, sometimes, we have observed that age does not really mean maturity if you are 30 years old, and you still behave like a kid, we have the right to ban you out of this group.

2. The second criteria before you join this WhatsApp group is respect. You must ensure at all times, to respect yourself, do not insult anyone, It is not because you’re chatting with these women, you think they’re your mate. Most of these Ladies are those older call ‘ma’ outside. These Women have the money to employ Men older than you as their driver, etc. Am not trying to insult you or Men in general, but you must know that these Women are Boss in their diverse businesses.

Take note that our sugar mummies are very rich and sensitive people.

3. One important instruction you must fully adhere to, is that you ARE in no way, permitted to add any random person to the group, even if they are genuine enough, you have not right to add them to this group.

However, if you have a friend you want to add to this Whatsapp group, you must first contact the Admin for approval. If she approves, then you can add the person to the WhatsApp group. Failure to ask for permission to add anyone to the group will earn you permanent ban and the person you add.

4. Before you will be approved for this WhatsApp group, you must be using your REAL picture as your profile pics, ONLY then will you be added to this group. If you use a fake photo, you will be banned immediately without any further discussion.

5. Another instruction is this, this group is private enough. Take note that any Sugar mummies phone numbers found in the WhatsApp group, must not be shared OUTSIDE the group. You are allowed to ONLY use the number to contact the sugar mummy and get connected.

6. Please endeavor to share this post now on Facebook or Twitter, this will give us enough evidence that you are real.

It’s ONLY 6 criteria’s and If you are able to meet them, then you’re eligible to join this sugar mummy WhatsApp group. Since you know you are able to abide by the rules, kindly join the group by entering your WhatsApp phone number in international format in the comment box below.

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